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Our Services

Recruitment & Selection

We provide highly effective recruitment services and attract the best, most qualified talent available. Unlike recruitment agencies, we charge a set fee per hire, over linking the fee to the employee’s salary. This means the costs of recruitment are significantly less for our clients. We can also assist with writing of job specifications, job design, interviewing, interview skills workshops for management, assessment centres and setting up a recruitment process for your organization.


Talent Management and Head Hunting

Talent is the primordial asset that enables the success of any organization. Without extraordinary talent business cannot

  • Exploit Market Opportunity
  • Raise Capital
  • Produce Iconic Products
  • Recruit Extraordinary Talent
  • Deliver Great Customer Service

Today’s dearth of extraordinary talent is painfully obvious to all businesses regardless of industry, size, geography, or financial position. In today’s environment, businesses need to recruit, develop, and retain extraordinary talent to remain competitive.

We can help your business gain a competitive talent advantage through proactive talent acquisition capabilities and services. Whether you’re looking for on-demand executive recruiting, help crafting a recruiting strategy, or assistance building an internal recruiting capability, TAG can provide the tools, processes, talent, and guidance required.


Organizational Development

As an OD Practitioner we will get involved in any Number of Intervention including: Organization diagnostic, evaluation, strategic thinking, Culture Change, Change Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Team Building & Management, Organizational Design, Evaluation, Performance Management, HR Process,  Learning & Development, Sales Effectiveness, and Customer Services as Part of Holistic OD Intervention.


HR setup and Policies

Our Company builds a solid foundation for all your Human Resource activities, establishing the processes, policies and procedures you need to either start your business or run it more successfully. We will manage the complex setup so that you do not require a high level HR person to manage the system once implemented. This will also include all HR documentation – company handbook, contracts of employment and various HR forms and templates.

Whether or not you have an internal HR professional, this groundwork safeguards your business from legal and financial risk, ensures regulatory compliance, and engages your most important asset with your key business goals.


Performance Management

We provide expert, customized support, guidance and tools to help you retain, manage and motivate talented employees. You save money with improved HR processes that work more efficiently and effectively and gain added value.


CSR planning and Projects
During the last decade India has witnessed incredible growth of economic wealth in certain sectors. The corporate community is rapidly growing and along with it is growing the sensitivity towards social issues. It is giving rise to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. CSR is not new to India; some companies have been involved with this for more than a decade now. Corporate sector no more looks at themselves as mere donors, instead they look upon grantees as their partners in bringing about social change.

We will serve  as a bridge between the corporate sectors and the NGOs or foundations. We are engaged in designing and monitoring of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for a few companies. With a wide range of networks adds value to the CSR initiatives by providing different strategies for social interventions.

We  believe in organised philanthropy and helps corporate houses in monitoring and coordinating different activities of their CSR initiatives. We contribute to CSR initiatives by executing/conducting/undertaking any of  the following activities.

  • Identify the priority needs of the beneficiary community.
  • Suggest different solutions on social issues.
  • Identifying, facilitating and collaborations with appropriate NGOs or foundations.
  • Analyse the cost-benefit ratio of the activity.
  • Devise a follow-up system for monitoring of the project.
  • Assess the impact of the initiative on the community.
  • Build a strong resource base to strengthen the project.
  • Ensure community participation for the sustainability of the project.

Industrial Relations and Statutory Compliance

Industrial relations are the relationships between employees and employers within the organizational settings. The field of industrial relations looks at the relationship between management and workers, particularly groups of workers represented by a union. Industrial relations are basically the interactions between employers, employees and the government, and the institutions and associations through which such interactions are mediated.

Compliance can be narrowly defined to mean the process by which an organisation ensures that it observes and complies with the external statutory laws and regulations.


Corporate Training

Corporate training ensures that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Employers utilize training to acclimate new employees, teach current employees new skills for the same job, and to advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets.